Eric Cervini's Queer Book Club [Virtual]

From Eric Cervini:

I am so excited to kick off 2024 with this Lambda Literary Award and the Stonewall Book Award winning book, The Thirty Names of Night by Zeyn Joukhadar.

It follows a closeted Syrian American trans artist in New York, five years after his mother was killed in a suspicious fire. By day he is the sole caretaker for his grandmother, but at night he comes alive painting murals on buildings in the once-thriving Manhattan neighborhood known as Little Syria. When he comes across the journal of a Syrian American artist who disappeared sixty years ago, he discovers an interwoven past between the artist and his family, and uncovers the histories of queer and transgender people within his own community.

Following the success of his debut novel, A Map of Salt and Stars, Joukhadar gives voice to multiple generations living the Arab immigrant experience, to queer voices, and to the power of names in The Thirty Names of Night. It’s been described as “equal parts historical fiction, ghost story, and an account of the obsessive search for rare birds that only birders can fully appreciate.” 

It’s a gorgeous story of courage, survival, and self-acceptance that’s full of suspense. Looking forward to hearing what you think!  

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