All full time students at Harvard College or any of the Harvard graduate and professional schools are cordially invited to join the Harvard Gay & Lesbian Caucus as non-voting associate members.  The only additional requirement is that you be a "member or friend of Harvard's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community" or that you would like to become one.  The benefits of membership include keeping informed about what is happening at Harvard, invitations to local chapter and reunion events, and access to our online membership directory listing half of our 4,700 members.  There are no dues for student members.

You can become a member by applying online at:

You will be invited to make your information visible in the online directory to other members but this is optional and you may keep your information private if you prefer.  After you register you will be given the opportunity to join email lists for your school and areas of particular interest.  Students will want to join the LBG Campus events list to make sure they are kept informed.  Students at the Medical School and at the School of Public Health will also want to join the Longwood Events list.

The Mothership

The Harvard Queer Student Leadership Network, referred to as "The Mothership," is a committee that includes delegates from every college, graduate and professional school BGLT student group at Harvard, as well as alumni and faculty representatives. Its goal is to increase interaction between the schools and to advance our common political, academic, social, and philanthropic goals.

The Mothership Chair acts as a liaison between Harvard groups, organizing meetings and helping to find opportunities for cooperation. Lee Strock, a student at Harvard Law School, is the Mothership Chair for the 2008-2009 school year. You can reach him at

Calendars & Events

Follow this link to visit the Mothership calendar of upcoming campus events that are open to the entire Harvard graduate and undergraduate community.
View the calendar page

The Harvard College Queer Students and Allies (QSA) maintains a calendar of campus events at this link:

College students and interested grad students will also want to subscribe to the QSA Announce list and QSA Open list.  You do this by selecting "Mailing Lists" on the menu bar at the top of their site or at this link:

Students may also want to subscribe to the MIT LBG events list.  You do this by emailing

The Open Gate

The Open Gate: A Fund for Gay & Lesbian Life at Harvard University, funds a variety of projects initiated by GLBT students, faculty, or organizations. Students are encouraged to apply for grants.

Student Groups

Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

Graduate School of Design

Graduate School of Education
HGSE Pride

Harvard Business School
HBS LGBT Students Association

Harvard College

  • QSA
    The primary undergraduate group that also maintains a resource list on their website.
  • BOND
    A social group for students who do not necessarily identify as exclusively heterosexual.
  • Contact
    A confidential, UHS-supervised peer counseling group on issues of sex, sexuality, sexual orientation and gender.
  • GirlSpot
    A group for women to discuss issues of sexual orientation.

Harvard Divinity School
Faith for All

Harvard Law School
HLS Lambda

Harvard Medical School
LAHMS LGBTQ and Allies at Harvard Medical School

Harvard School of Public Health
HSPH LGBT Student Association

Kennedy School of Government

Campus-Wide Groups

A group for Jewish gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students.

A discussion and support group for BGLT Catholics at Harvard and MIT and their friends and loved ones.

Harvard Transgender Taskforce
The Harvard Transgender Task Force consists of undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff and alumni at Harvard University who are dedicated to improving the lives of transgender (transexual, genderqueer and other gender variant) people and communities across the Harvard campus.

Women on Campus
Women On Campus is an all-Harvard graduate student group that brings together Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender (including FTM, MTF or persons exploring gender identity and expression), Gender Queer and questioning women. Its mission is to facilitate community-building for LBTQ graduate students within Harvard University and to create safe spaces to interact on a social, academic and/or professional level.  To join Women On Campus, sign up at:
If you belong to the Harvard Facebook network, check out its Facebook group page at

Other Resources

The QSA (see above) also maintains a list of resources at