becina-j.-gantherThe Harvard Gender and Sexuality Caucus’ Board of Directors is pleased to announce the recipient of its inaugural HGSC Award: Becina Ganther AB ‘20. Inspired by the former HQ83 Fellowship - established by the Class of 1983’s BGLTQ alumni group - the HGSC Award is intended to highlight a graduating senior each year for their leadership in and service to the LGBTQ community at Harvard College. A tireless advocate who has dedicated her four years at Harvard to creating a campus where all queer students can live their most authentic lives, Becina has left an indelible mark on the College. Perhaps most impressive is Becina’s dedication to supporting fellow queer students at the intersections of their many identities. Becina’s column in The Crimson - The Feminist Closet - gave voice to issues at the intersection of queerness, gender, and race. Her work as an intern at the Office of BGLTQ Student Life saw her provide trainings and workshops to student organizations to better support their queer members. A particularly lasting contribution came in her co-founding of Faith In Our Differences, a space dedicated to building community for and affirming the existence of queer Christian students at the College. So great and varied are her accomplishments that Becina could easily rest on her laurels, but we on the HGSC Board could not be more excited to cheer her on as she leaves the Yard. Congratulations on your graduation, Becina. Welcome to the Harvard Alumni Association and the HGSC, and thank you - again - for all that you have done and will continue to do in support of our queer family.

In partnership with the Office of BGLTQ Student Life, the Board of Directors of the Harvard Gender and Sexuality Caucus has this year established The HGSC Award, an award of at least $1,000 that goes to a graduating senior for that individual’s efforts in the field(s) of queer activism, leadership, and/or community service, all broadly defined. The Award picks up from the former HQ83 Fellowship, which was first established by the Class of 1983’s BGLTQ alumni group at their 20th reunion.