As a member of one of the largest university-affiliated BGLTQ groups in the world, you would have the opportunity to:

  • Make new friends and see old ones at reunion events in Cambridge as well as social gatherings sponsored by local chapters throughout the country and the world
  • Stay informed about what's happening at Harvard, via the HGSC Newsletter and E-Newsletter
  • Network for jobs and other prospects through the HGSC online Membership Directory
  • Support and advocate for the student, faculty and staff LGBTQ communities on campus
  • Work with Harvard University to help bring about broader social change in other universities, and in society at large
  • Subscribe to the Gay & Lesbian Review at a discounted rate

Membership includes:

Who can join:

Please review this, as providing us the necessary information will allow us to more quickly approve your application.

As a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization our bylaws define who can be a member.

You must have an affiliation with Harvard Univeristy- as a staff person, faculty, student or alumnus/a or spouse/partner of a member.  Please make sure when you fill out the application you indicate your Harvard Affliliation. At this time, if you do not meet these criteria for Harvard affiliation, you cannot join the HGSC.  If we can't determine your affiliation, it will delay your application, and we will send a request for additional information.  If you do not respond to our request for additional information, we will be unable to accept your application.


There are two basic member levels: voting (dues paying) and non-voting. Voting members elect our board of directors. 


Students who are not alumni are not eligible for a voting membership, and all members are eligble for our basic, free non-voting membership level. All members other than non-alumni students can choose a dues paying, voting  membership.  Once a Harvard student graduates, her or she can be a voting member.  

In summary, any alumnus or alumna from any Harvard school may join as a voting member.  Undergraduates can join as non-voting members. Graduate students who are alumni of a Harvard school may join a voting members, if not alumni of Harvard, they may join as non-voting members.  Staff and Faculty of Harvard Univeristy may join as voting members. Spouses/partners of members can join as voting members. Sorry if this is confusing, but these are our bylaws. 


Why join? 

Our basic membership is free, and is lifetime.  Joining as a dues paying member provides additional benefits.  Dues are voluntary and $25 a year, with a $5 discount for renewing prior to exipiration.  We also offer a discounted three year membership for $65 initially, or $55 for early renewal. We depend on dues to pay for our newsletter, our online membership directory, and this website, among other services. Dues-paying members also receive a ballot to vote in the annual HGSC Board of Directors election and any other special member-related ballots. Recent graduates within two years of receiving their degree need not pay dues to receive the same privileges.

For an additional $20 year (a 13% discount), members receive six issues of the Gay & Lesbian Review Woldwide, a journal of literature and ideas.

Harvard full-time students or Harvard students on leave are eligible for non-voting membership only. Student members may also receive the Gay & Lesbian Review Woldwide for the $20-per-year discount price.


HGSC is a 501(c)(4) not-for-profit social welfare organization.  Donation to HGSC can be made at but it is important to understand that donations made to HGSC  are not tax deductible. 
In order to support GLBTQ+ life in the Harvard community, we also urge you to consider making tax-deductible contributions to The Open Gate Foundation.  The Open Gate Foundation is a separate organization -- independent from the HGSC and having its own separate missions, activities, leadership and funding.   HGSC will support your donation to The Open Gate Foundation of $100 or more by giving Harvard-affiliated Open Gate Foundation donors a complementary one-year HGSC voting membership.  The Open Gate Foundation also provides a six issue subscription to the Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide with donations to the Foundation of $100 or more.