Valentine's Day Weekend Tours of New York's Met by Prof. Lear

Professor Andrew Lear of Oscar Wilde Tours, who gives the "Gay Secrets" tour of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts for the HGSC which has sold out repeatedly (6 times!) this winter, would like to offer HGSC members a discount on his erotica-themed tours of New York's Metropolitan Museum on Valentine's Day weekend.
There are three different tours:  a "Gay Secrets" tour on Saturday February 13 at 2 pm, covering the Met's surprisingly extensive LGBT-themed collection, from Greek vases to Picasso's Gertrude Stein; a tour called "Shady Ladies" on Sunday February 14 at 2 pm, covering the courtesans, royal mistresses, and other scandalous women in the Met, from Greek hetaeras to Sargent's Mme. X; and a "Sexy Secrets" tour on Friday February 12 at 6 pm that combines elements of both tours, plus a fun bit or two of its own.  These tours are a press favorite; see for instance:
Sexy Secrets, Friday, February 12, 6pm
Gay Secrets, Saturday, February 13, 2pm
Shady Ladies, Sunday, February 14, 2pm
Tours are all 2 hours long.  For more information and a link to the ticket pages, see  For a $7 discount, use discount code 'Harvard'.