What Should We Do After "I Do?"

Join the Harvard Gender & Sexuality Caucus on campus this September to explore a diverse array of topics relating to the evolution of the LGBTQ community.

Registration is now open for What Should We Do After “I Do”? | Conversations on the Challenges that Remain for the LGBTQ Community, co-sponsored by the Harvard Gender & Sexuality Caucus and the Harvard Alumni Association, to be held September 25-27, 2015 at Harvard University.

Join us for a weekend of conversations led by Harvard alumni/ae, faculty, and students as well as other prominent LGBTQ leaders and allies on topics ranging from the shifting landscape of LGBTQ parenting to the greying of the LGBTQ community, how too many LGBTQ young adults fall through the cracks to how too few schools address the needs of LGBTQ students, sexual ethics in the age of Truvada to new paths in LGBTQ medicine, the trans*formation of the LGBTQ community to an LGBTQ agenda for the 2016 elections, intersectional justice and the LGBTQ community to confronting anti-LGBTQ violence worldwide.

For a full weekend schedule and to register, CLICK HERE. Registration deadline is Friday, September 18.

If you have any questions, contact Lily Gillespie at lily_gillespie@harvard.edu or [617] 495-1920. 

And if you’re if you’re not already one of the 579 Harvard alumni/faculty/staff who have signed up for the Harvard Gender & Sexuality Caucus Facebook group, consider joining today as you’ll definitely want to be in on conversations among classmates and friends as the September event approaches!  

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