Cambridge-Lexington - Lowell- Andover- Newburyport Bicycle Tour 5/3/2015 (20-32-40-75 m. options)

Davis Square-Lexington-West Concord-Lowell-Andover-Newburyport- bike tour with coffee stops and drinks at end (variable distance: 20- 32-40-75 miles) (Meet at Davis Square 7:00 am)

 Temps in the 70's! Join us for a great bike ride!


For next Sunday we have prepared a beautiful bicycle tour starting in Davis
Square  and continuing to Lexington, West Concord, Lowell, Andover and, finally,
Newburyport. (Meet at 7:00 am in Davis Square in park behind the T and Sommrville Theather).

This is very varied route, including beautiful, progressive suburbs (Lexington),
two car-free bicycle trails (Minuteman and the new Bruce Freeman trail from near
Concord), smaller rural towns,  long-in-decline cities that were once at the
very center of New England`s Industrial Revolution (Lowell), and beautiful
waterfronts (Newburyport).  This is a long trip, but with many stops: coffee in
the bicycle shop/café Ride Studio Café in Lexington (8:00 am), second breakfast at the Nashoba
Brook Bakery (ca. 10 am) , lunch in Lowell (c. 12:30), and a short coffee in
Andover (ca. 3:00) and seashore drinks and beer at Newburyport at the end of
our journey. We will take the train back from Newburyport at 5:48 pm, arriving in
North Station at c. 6:50 pm.

The full trip is c. 120 km, (75 miles), but there are several shorter mileage options:

20 miles (Lexington and back)

32  miles (ride to Lowell and back in commuter rail.)

40 miles (West Concord and back)

 This is not a race, but we need to cycle at a steady pace (average c. 12 mph) to
complete our full journey and make it to Newburyport before sunset.

Each rides assumes responsibility for his or her own safety.

 Please RSVP to by Saturday, May 2 2015 at 12:00 noon. Please leave your mobile number in case of schedule changes.



Prof. Margarita M. Balmaceda, Ph.D.